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**1500 Inverter Complete Kit + 200Watt Solar Panel+Controller 12V RV Boat Off Gr



1500 Inverter Comprehensive Package 

+ 200 Watt Photo voltaic Panel

+Controller 12V RV Boat Off Grid 


Generate And revel in Low-cost

24/7 Uninterrupted

& Reliable Solar Electrical energy

Affordable Solar Gadget


  • No More Vigor Failure

  • No Noise

  • No Pollutants

  • No Low Present

  • No Fuel

  • No Oil

  • No Diesel

  • No Monthly Expenses

  • Zero Upkeep

  • Auxiliary vigor for RV’s. Popular with business RV retrofitters

  • Great for tenting or faraway cabins. Power instruments in remote again nation places

  • Easy manner to deliver vigor for sheds, light poles and gates with out the want for trenching and  laying cables

  • Two or extra panels can provide again-up vigor for critical home equipment like a fridge during an influence outage

  • Kit will produce a regular of 800 Watt Hours (Wh) or sixty seven Amp Hours (Ah) of cost per day

The Photo voltaic 200-Watt Off-Grid Photo voltaic Panel Package is optimum for lots of DC functions, including RVs, boats, 12-Volt battery charging, small pumps, and LED lights. Made with high effectivity crystalline photo voltaic cells for years of provider, this solar package is effortless to set up and just about upkeep free. An anodized aluminum body and a sealed junction container make the panel weatherproof for outside use. 2 blocking off diodes steer clear of reverse present move. You can effortlessly add up to four extra panels for more vigor. The kit comprises: 2pc Photo voltaic 200W Watt polycrystalline photo voltaic panel, a 30 Amp,charge controller, cables and guide.

  • Ideal for DC functions

  • Monocrystalline panel with anodized aluminum frames and tempered glass for outside use and advanced efficiency

  • Solar panel has a two diode junction container to steer clear of reverse present move

  • 30 Amp cost controller lets you add up to 4 extra panels in parallel, for a complete of 500W with extra cables

  • Kit comes with all cables and connectors for quick and straightforward set-up

  • Battery not covered, a minimal of two 12-Volt deep cycle battery is essential to make use of this package

This kit comprises (See Picture Under): 

  • (2) 100 Watt, 12 volt Polycrystalline Photo voltaic Panels

  • (1) 1500 Watt Cobra Inverter 

  • (1) P20L 30 amp Solar Cost Controller with LCD Monitor

  • (8) Solar Panel Mounting Bracket and Fastener Units

  • 5 toes UL Listed 12 AWG Photo voltaic Panel cable

  • (2 Pair) MC4 Connectors (for connecting the 12 AWG cable to the photo voltaic panels)

  • (2 Pair) MC4 Department Connectors (for connecting the 12 AWG cable to the photo voltaic panels)

Cobra CPI1575 1500 Watt three Retailers DC to AC Vigor Inverter 


  • Continuous Vigor: 1500 Watts

  • Surge Vigor: 3000 Watts

  • 3 grounded AC receptacles

  • Protection: Overload, Short Circuit, Overtemp, Reverse Polarity, Under/Over Voltage

  • USB Output- 5V Enables charging and operation of up to date office instruments reminiscent of iPod’s, Blackberry’s and cellphones.

  • LED Feature/Status Meter

  • LED volt/meter

  • Instruction Manual Covered

  • 2 Cooling Enthusiasts

  • Part Quantity: CPI1575 (CPI-1575)

  • 2 Year Guarantee: (1 Year Brand + 1 12 months VMInnovations)

  • Conveniently vigor on/off your Cobra inverter from a remote vicinity.

  • This accent works with here inverter fashions:

  • CPI 1500, CPI 1550, CPI 1575, CPI 2550, CPI 2575, CPI M1500 and CPI M2200

  • Turns inverter on and off from as much as 20 toes away

  • Lets clients mount inverters in a hidden vicinity

  • Includes long wire for faraway hookup

  • Product Situation: Brand New

  • Part Quantity: CPIA20

30A Solar Cost Controller 

12V/24V Photo voltaic Panel Battery Clever

 Regulator with USB Port Monitor

–Automatically control the working of photo voltaic panel and battery in solar gadget. 
–Overloading and brief-circuit insurance policy. 
–Build-in brief-circuit insurance policy, open-circuit insurance policy, reverse insurance policy, over-load insurance policy. 
–Protection from lightning strike. 
–Prolong the battery lifestyles cycle and maintain the burden work neatly. 
–Easy to hooked up and function. 
–Suitable for small photo voltaic energy gadget. 

*Voltage: DC 12V/24V 
*Self-consuming: 10mA 
*Rated Cost Present: 20A 
*Rated Load Present: 20A 
*Over cost Insurance policy: 14.4V/28.8V 
*Over cost Floating cost: 13.7V/27.4V 
*Charge improve voltage: 12.6V/25.2V 
*Over discharge Insurance policy: 10.7V/21.4V 
*Over discharge Improve: 12.6V/25.2V 
*USB output: 5V/3A 
*Operating temperature: -35-60 
*Size:150 * 78 * 35mm / 5.9 * 3 * 1.4in 

<1>Make bound your battery has adequate voltage for the controller to respect the battery earlier than first installing. 
<2>the regulator is only proper for lead acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL, not for nickel hydride, lithium, ions, or different batteries. 
<3>Let the babies keep distant from the storage battery and the controller 

(2pc) 100 Watt 12 V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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